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Wealth management is a lifelong process, designed to address your financial needs as you make your way through life. Through Finansa's integrated financial planning process, our certified financial planners will work with you to accumulate, preserve and transfer your wealth. The relationship between you and your financial planner is at the heart of our approach to wealth management. Because at Finansa, we firmly believe that one size does not fit all and your individual needs are unique. Our "one-on-one" financial planning process, will help determine YOUR long-term needs, risk tolerance and expectation. Only after gaining an understanding of your unique situation, will the financial planner recommend customized strategies and solutions for you to pursue your investment goals. Moreover, we will work closely with you to implement these recommendations and help you adjust these strategies as necessary to meet your changing needs or to adapt to changing economic conditions or investment opportunities.

More Than Just Managing Money

At Finansa, we offer a dynamic, multi-disciplinary approach combining two types of services:

  • first, an in-depth analysis of your overall net worth;
  • secondly, based on this analysis, wide-ranging and customized financial planning covering issues such as retirement, education funding, wealth transfer, insurance and investment solutions both on-shore and overseas.

Net worth Analysis highlights the structure of your assets/liabilities and the weighting of each component. It thus provides the data needed for financial planning, aimed at optimizing the resources needed to achieve your investment goals, while at the same time giving you a comprehensive overview of your net worth and how they evolve over time. The various phases of net worth analysis and financial planning therefore involve:

  • Understanding, classifying, assessing and structuring the various items making up your total assets;
  • Jointly, selecting an investment strategy suitable for your personal situation;
  • Regular monitoring that the strategy selected remains well matched for the objectives set.

Working in partnership: At Finansa, we know the value of forming true partnerships with our clients. After all we have been looking after the interests of our clients for more than 40 years. As one of the country's oldest asset management firms, this heritage, hallmarked with our innovative thinking, gives you the confidence to share your personal situations and entrust us to provide the best advice.

For more information, please go to www.finansa-asset.com