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Finansa Asset Management Ltd.
Finansa Asset Management Ltd., formerly known as BFIT Asset Management, was established in 1969 and it was one of the very first companies to be granted a fund management license. It quickly became a market leader in provident fund management with Baht 14 billion under its care as of today.

The company engages in all three main types of asset management services: mutual funds, provident funds, private funds as well as financial planning services. In 2002 all of the asset management businesses were combined under a new subsidiary, BFIT Asset Management Co., Ltd. (BFITAM). Through a strategic growth plan, BFITAM was acquired by the Finansa Group in January 2005 and renamed itself Finansa Asset Management Limited (FAM).

By being part of a diversified financial services group, FAM is able to draw on the strengths of the Finansa Group in the areas of investment banking, securities broking, lending, offshore private equity investments and life insurance.