Finansa Plc. has been active in investment banking, corporate finance and private equity in Southeast Asia since its founding in 1991. Today, Finansa’s strengths lie in its market leading investment banking team based in Thailand and its portfolio of strategic assets which include a 29.3% equity stake in Finansia Syrus Securities PLc and a 29.75% equity stake in MK Real Estate Development Plc.

   The investment banking team, under wholly owned subsidiary, Finansa Securities Ltd., has excelled in completing sophisticated transactions for clients including government agencies, state enterprises, and large corporates in Thailand.

   Finansia Syrus Securities is a Top 3 securities brokerage with particular strength in retail and online brokerage, as well as being a market leader in Initial Public Offerings in Thailand.

   MK Real Estate Development is a long established and respected mid-sized residential home developer. With support from Finansa, MK has diversified its activities into industrial estate development and health and wellness hospitality, successfully building a base of recurring income.

   Finansa also undertakes Private Equity investments on its own balance sheet and currently holds 12% of the leading (unlisted) Thai consumer and household products company NEO Corporate Co., Ltd. Finansa also has a 22.99% stake in the SET listed Prospect Logistics and Industrial Leasehold REIT.



Finansa Plc. issues debentures on a regular basis. Finansa Plc. is currently rated “BBB-(tha) with a stable outlook” by Fitch. > read more here

Debenture Symbol Tenor Coupon
(per annum)
Issue date Maturity date Issue size
Debentures of Finansa Public Company Limited No. 2/2560 due B.E. 2565 FNS220A 5 Yrs. 4.80% 12-Oct-17 12-Oct-22 100,000,000
Debentures of Finansa Public Company Limited No. 1/2561 due B.E. 2565 FNS221A 3 Yrs. 6 Mths. 4.75% 26-Jul-18 26-Jan-22 140,000,000
Debentures of Finansa Public Company Limited No. 2/2561 Series 2 due B.E. 2566 FNS231A 4 Yrs. 3 Mths. 5.25% 12-Oct-18 12-Jan-23 300,000,000
Debentures of Finansa Public Company Limited No. 1/2562 Series 2 due B.E. 2565 FNS220B 3 Yrs. 7 Mths. 28 Days 5.00% 14-FEB-19 12-Oct-22 100,000,000
DEBENTURES OF FINANSA PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED NO. 1/2564 DUE B.E. 2568 FNS250A 4 Yrs. 2 Mths. 29 Days 5.00% 2-Aug-21 31-Oct-25 366,800,000
SHORT-TERM DEBENTURES OF FINANSA PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED NO. 1/2564 DUE 01.07.2565 FNS22701A 270 Days 3.90% 4-Oct-21 1-Jul-22 300,000,000